The Process

The Process

The role of the Celebrant

Help create a ceremony that is meaningful for you
Ensure all legal requirements are met
Officiate the ceremony

Who can get married in Australia?

Anyone over the age of 18 (one party may be under 18 but will require consent from a parent)
Anyone not currently married
Any couple who are not in a prohibited relationship
Two consenting adults

What is the process?


Before The Wedding

Call or email me your enquiry with date, time and location and I will confirm my availability and provide a quote.
If you feel that I am the right Celebrant for you, we will arrange a time to meet and discuss your ideas for the wedding and lodge the NOIM.
The Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must be lodged with your intended Celebrant no earlier than 18 months and no later than 1 month before the date of the wedding.
I will provide you with guidance and reference materials to assist me in writing the perfect ceremony for you. This can be emailed back and forth until all parties are satisfied.
Closer to the ceremony you will be required to sign a Declaration stating that there are no legal impediments to your marriage.

The above process can be done via email and Skype for couples who are interstate or overseas.


On the Wedding Day

On the day, I will arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.  

My services include:

A portable PA with headset and hand held microphone and iPod jack

A signing table, white cloth, 2 white folding wedding chairs and pen

I will have all the documents prepared for you to sign.  They are:

Presentation Marriage Certificate- for the couple to keep

Official Certificate of Marriage- sent to B,D&M

Certificate of Marriage- bound in the Celebrants Marriage Register

Immediately after the ceremony, the Presentation Certificate will be left with you or a person of your choosing.


After The Wedding

I will lodge the official documents with Births, Deaths and Marriages the following week.

I will provide you with a web link to apply for your official Certificate of Marriage from Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state in which you were married. This certificate is required for legal purposes such as name change.

If you were happy with the service, a testimonial and a selection of wedding photos for my website are always greatly appreciated!


Contact Kate

Kate Foster
Phone: 0405 411 965

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Your ceremony should be unique and meaningful for you.
Kate Foster
Together, we have the freedom to write a ceremony that reflects you as a couple and incorporates your passions, beliefs, loved ones and rituals.
Kate Foster